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Reflecting on 150 Days: Progress and Plans for New Rochelle

It's been some time since my last newsletter, and I appreciate your patience. The past 5.5 months have been an exhilarating whirlwind as I've adjusted to my new responsibilities.


I'm excited to reconnect with you all and commit to staying in touch, both through social media and this newsletter.  Let's use this edition to recap the approximately 150 days I've spent in office!


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New Rochelle's State of the City picture.
Inaugural State of the City

I'm still filled with joy following my inaugural State of the City Address. It was a memorable event held at the cherished and recently reopened Boys and Girls Club of New Rochelle Remington Site.


I was delighted to discuss the resilience of our city and the potential for us, as a community, to forge a more prosperous and vibrant future for New Rochelle. It was also an honor to showcase a few of our local small business restaurants! We are already planning for next year's State of the City!

Yadira Representing New Rochelle 

Since taking office, several esteemed and trustworthy media outlets have offered fantastic coverage. You can find all the press coverage linked here, but allow me to highlight a few of my personal favorites below!

New Rochelle Council Updates

  • City Council is working with the staff to update smoke shop regulations.  

  • City Council adopted a resolution supporting package reduction urging and supporting the New York State Legislature to pass and Governor Kathy Hochul to sign into law a strong and effective Packaging Reduction and Recycling Infrastructure Act A5322-A/S4246-A, and an expanded and modernized Bottle Bill A.6353/S.237-B

  • City Council approved the creation of the Lincoln Avenue Neighborhood (DO-8) which will protect and enhance the existing residential neighborhood, attract locally serving businesses, increase housing supply, encourage mixed use development and increase a mix of community serving uses

  • City Council appointed a member of the New Rochelle BOE, a New Rochelle resident who is a member of a labor union and Council member Shane Osinloye to the Industrial Development Agency. More information about the important this group plays in our development can be found here.

  • The Acting City Manager/Commissioner of the Department of Public Works and members of the City Council will be in your community discussing updates to our robust and comprehensive flood mitigation date. Details can be found here. A comprehensive overview of the citywide perspective was presented on April 9th. You can watch that meeting here.

  • Events - keep a look at all of our robust, upcoming events including the return of the Summer Sizzle (concerts in Ruby Dee Park), information sessions, PRIDE celebrations, information for housing and more!


As your mayor, I am thrilled to share with you the latest developments and forward strides New Rochelle is making. This newsletter will serve as my bridge to you, bringing updates, sharing successes, and outlining the path ahead as we continue to keep moving New Rochelle forward.


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